St Joseph’s School CBSE held its first Valedictory Ceremony for the students of Class 10, Batch of 2019-20 on 1 February, 2020 at school.

The chief guest for the occasion was Mr. Clifford Pereira, Director of TV9 Network. The ceremony was presided over by Rev. Fr Leo Pereira SJ, Rector of St Joseph’s Indian Institutions in the presence of Rev. Fr Rohan D’Almeida SJ, the Principal, Rev. Fr Balaraju SJ, the Vice-Principal, Ms. Shirley Wilfred, Academic Advisor, Rev Fr Deepak JK, Principal of St Joseph’s Community College and a special guest, Angela from Italy.

The programme commenced with a solemn march by the students dressed in formal suits, lead by the dignitaries. The students pledged in unison to incorporate and follow the values learnt at school, remain loyal and bring glory to their Alma mater.

The school captain, Jnanesh Bopanna gave the meaningful valedictory message before transferring the charge to the new school captain Akhil Khare of Class-9 in the presence of the Principal, Rev. Fr Rohan D’Almeida SJ. Post taking over the charge, Akhil Khare replied to the valedictorian’s speech.

A meaningful and emotional video presentation capturing the glimpses of the momentous, beautiful journey of togetherness of the Class-10 students was presented before the gathering.

The students took the centre stage; experienced mixed feelings of pride and sadness, while the parents looked on joyfully; a day forever etched in the memories of St Joseph’s School CBSE.

The ceremony was made more meaningful through an inspiring speech by the Chief Guest whose words envisioned the bright future that lay ahead for the batch about to make its way into a new phase of life, a brand new world. The Rector, Fr Leo Pereira conveyed an inspirational message in his speech and motivated them to keep rising and shining. Rector also blessed the outgoing students to do well in life.

Ms Preeti, the parent of a valedictorian, shared her positive experience as a parent and advised the students to choose wisely in each and every aspect of the lives as she went on to explain that every choice they make has a consequence of its own.

Mementoes were given to all the outgoing students by the dignitaries wishing for the well-being and happiness of the students, who in a few days would be the alumni of St Joseph’s School.

The vote of thanks by Ms Sheeba touched many hearts and brought tears to many eyes she nostalgically reflected upon their journey in St. Joseph’s School CBSE.

The valedictorians walked along the aisle with lit candles, a symbolic march which signifies the carrying forward the light of knowledge to the world as true ambassadors of St. Joseph’s School CBSE.

Valedictory ceremony will be marked in the school calendar as a special day, as the Josephite family bid fond farewell to the first outgoing batch of Class 10 students.

Fun & Frolic Day- Seven Continents

The Pre-primary team of St Joseph’s School CBSE organised the fun n frolic day on 24 January 2020 for the little ones of pre-primary at the school quadrangle. The venue was decked up with charts having important trivia about each of the continents.

The theme was “Seven Continents”. The students and pre-primary teachers came dressed in light blue coloured outfit. Fun & Frolic was inaugurated by Prof. Rev Fr John Savard, Rector of Loyola University Maryland (USAin the presence of the Rector of SJII, Rev Fr Leo Pereira and the Principal Rev Fr Rohan D Almeida.

Students from each class & section of Pre-primary gave a brief description about the earth and seven continents

Various activities were conducted to encourage fun learning such as

  • Identify the continent activity
  • Woollen activity
  • Colour and paste the animal pictures in the relevant continents
  • Puzzle corner
  • Hula hoop the continent

Children enjoyed all the activities along with bubbles and chalk activity. Photo corner was a globe. The students learnt about all the continents and took home a craft pertaining to the theme.


Rahul (name changed), a class 9 student was an exceptional performer in both academics and co-curricular activities until class 7. However, in class 8, there was a significant change in Rahul’s behaviour, he stopped participating in the school activities which he would earlier participate with great enthusiasm and there was also a sharp decline in his academic performance. His parents and class teacher observed the change in behavior and were worried as there was no obvious reason for his change. He was referred to the school counsellor and it was discovered that he was addicted to his smart phone, after multiple sessions he was brought back to form.

This is not a sole case especially in urban living; to equip parents with strategies to tackle these challenges they encounter as parents; a parenting session for the parents of LKG to class 8 was conducted in multiple sessions during the last week of January by the school counsellor Ms Sheela Balan.

The session began with a presentation on the mental health statistics focusing about children and adolescents in the country. Many real life case studies on addiction to social media were presented to help parents better relate to the issue at hand. Practical and workable suggestions were shared with the parents in an interactive manner to enable them to choose the strategies relevant and specific to help their child. The audience was also made aware of how sedentary lifestyles of their children impact their fine and gross motor skills which in turn negatively affect their academics. This is a cause of concern as performance in academics affect the mental well being of the child considering academics is rated highly in a traditional society.

If one side of the coin is unrestricted access to digital use, the other side of the coin is lack of nutritious food contributing to diminished mental and physical capability of the child. The second part of the session was to bring awareness to the parents about the importance of nutrition not only for a healthy body but also for a sound mind. Adverse effects of junk food were discussed with supporting videos.

The third aspect which parents often overlook is the less seen but potentially more damaging than the above two issues is ‘Parental Neglect’. Keeping with the fast paced world, parents aim at providing for the child rather than equipping their child to sustain & succeed by themselves. Parents were educated about the various abuses a child may be put through knowingly or unknowingly by their care givers.

This session was arranged mainly to help parents deal with these issues which primarily affect their child’s wellbeing. At St Joseph’s School CBSE, we aim to work with parents to ensure each and every student in the campus is happy and healthy both mentally and physically. This will only enhance the quality of education and in turn deliver quality citizens. The session was well received and appreciated by everyone who attended and also requested for many more such sessions.

COLOUR THE SKY- Kite Festival2020

St. Joseph’s School CBSE, organized ‘Colour the Sky’- Kite Festival2020, to celebrate the harvest festival, Makar Sankranti, at the school campus on January 14, 2020. Rev. Fr Leo Pereira SJ, the Rector, St Joseph’s Indian Institutions, presided over the event in the presence of the dignitaries, Rev. Fr Rohan D’Almeida SJ, the Principal, Rev. Fr Balaraju SJ, the Vice Principal, Ms. Sherly Wilfred, the Academic Advisor and Mr. Kamal G, the Vice President of the PTA.

The event was organized on the school ground which was well decorated with multiple kites all over the walls and windows; a traditional set up of sugarcane stalks & pongal pot added to the charm. The programme commenced with a prayer followed by a brief explanation about the Makar Sankranti and the significance of flying kite during this festival.

Parents of the students were invited and encouraged to fly kites during the kite festival. Colourful kites adorned the sky. Students had a great fun at the festival as each & every student participated in the kite festival. Students from preprimary to Class-3 took part in various fun-filled activities such as collage on kite cut-outs, decorate the pongal pot craft, decorate a kite, kite making, etc which were pertinent to the festival; students from Class-4 to 10 flew kites.

Colour the Sky was a visual treat as the entire campus and the sky was vibrant with various colorful crafts and many kites respectively. The parents, staff and students had a great time at the kite festival and were very appreciative of the event.

CREATIVE SPLASH- Art Exhibition 2020

St Joseph’s School CBSE held ‘Creative Splash’-Art Exhibition 2020, on 4 January 2020. Each and every student from LKG to Class 10 created an array of beautifully designed art work which portrayed their creativity and their interpretation of art pertaining to the themes given.

The chief guest, was Mr J.M.S Mani, an eminent artist who had exhibited his art work at various National and International venues and a recipient of various prestigious awards, like Karnataka State Award, Lalitkala Academy Award and Karnataka Rajyotsava Award. The event was presided over by the Rector of St Joseph’s Indian Institutions, Rev. Fr Leo Pereira SJ and graced by the Principal, Rev. Fr Rohan D’Almeida SJ, the Vice Principal, Rev. Fr Balaraju SJ, Academic Advisor, Ms Sherly Wilfred, Well-known artist, MrVimalanathan, PTA Vice President and member Mr Kamal G and Mr Santosh Kumar respectively. The parents of our students were invited to view and encourage the young artists of our school.

The chief guest inspired the students to explore their aesthetic potential, play with their imagination and express themselves to become calmer and happier individuals. The Rector and the Principal addressed the gathering and encouraged the students to get inclined to art. The audience was awestruck as they watched the chief guest create a beautiful landscape on canvas with oil paints prior to inaugurating the exhibition.

The exhibition provided a platform for children to display their knowledge, creativity, innovative skills and talent. Prizes were awarded to the best piece of art work.

Parents witnessed the colourful and innovative strokes, thread paintings, blow paintings and art work of the students like, Pop-up cards, Agamographs, Kirigami, Indian folk and Tribal art; and were very appreciative of the effort and outcome of the students’ and teachers’ work.

Students also showcased their art/craft projects comprising of masks, festive and home décor, glass paintings, wealth out of waste crafts, clay sculptures, collages, vegetable stamping, etc.

Creative Splash boosted the confidence of the students as their creative efforts were well appreciated.


Christmas is the festival which inspires the spirit of sharing and caring, St Joseph’s School CBSE celebrated this joyous occasioning two sessions.

The school was beautifully decorated and students were dressed in Christmas colors. The Chief Guests were Sr. Jain Benitta and Fr Prathap Chandru on 20 & 21 December, 2019 respectively.

The students sang melodious carols and danced beautifully to wish their teachers and classmates.

The significance of this day was expressed to the students through a Nativity play of Jesus. The message of Christmas was conveyed to the children by the Rector Rev Fr Leo Pereira and the Principal Rev Fr Rohan D’Almeida.

The boundless joy of celebrating Christmas was visible on the faces of all the students.

All the staff of St Joseph’s School CBSE participated Christmas outreach programme to Gerizim Mission India and Need Based India (SnehGhar) Shanthinagar, in two batches on the 17 and 21 December respectively, to spread love, joy, peace, faith & hope which constitutes the real message of Christmas, to the people in need. The time spent with children during the outreach programmes made the staff feel over whelmed. The way the children mingled with the teachers, played games and enjoyed music was an enriching experience for life.

This year’s Christmas Celebration, a novel concept called “Wish Tree” was introduced which gave our students and their parents an opportunity to fulfill the wishes of needy children/women/youth/community in Vijayapura through their generous voluntary contribution.


“Constitution Day” or “SamvidhanDiwas”, was celebrated at StJoseph’s School CBSE, to spread awareness about the Indian Constitution. A Special Assembly was held to reinforce the same among the students.

Assembly began with a speech on the significance of the Constitution day. This was followed by the students taking the pledge and reciting the Preamble of the Constitution both in English as well as in Hindi. Charts were also displayed relevant to the pledge and preamble; children performed a dance pertaining to the Constitution of India. The assembly concluded with the Principal’s speech on the significance of being a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic and Republic country.


St. Joseph’s School CBSE, celebrated its Annual Day on 23 November 2019. Fr Balaraju SJ, the Vice Principal, welcomed the gathering. The Chief Guest for the day was Mr. Anil Kumar, IAS, serving as the Commissioner of BBMP; Prof. S. Japhet, Vice Chancellor of Bengaluru Central University was the Guest of Honor. Both the eminent guests were alumni of St Joseph’s institutions. Both addressed the audience and enlightened the parents in their own words, that the Jesuit Education which emphasizes on value based education has enabled them to reach the position they are in today.

Fr Leo Pereira SJ, the Rector of St Joseph’s Indian Institutions presided over the function and spoke on Jesuit Education. Fr Rohan D’Almeida, the Principal presented the School Annual Report of the academic year2018-19 through a video presentation.

The evening continued with a scintillating invocation Song and Dance. Over 1000 students of the school presented the Dance Drama based on the theme “PARIVARTHAN” change of Heart towards Nature, fellow human beings. This production brought out the creation story and how we humans through greed have destroying the Universe and how we need to restore peace and reconciliation in the universe. The theme resonated with the mandate of the Jesuits to bring about peace and reconciliation and the top preferences the Jesuit institutions are focusing Caring for the Common Home – the Universe. Theme based dances were choreographed by Cornucopia Creations Dance Academy team headed by Mr. Janardhan conveyed the message to save and cherish Mother Earth. The day was filled with the vibrancy and life being propelled into magnificent and reverberating celebrations. The day ended with an astounding visual treat and enthralled every spectator present.

Karnataka Rajyotsava

Karnataka Rajyotsava was celebrated in November to commemorate the formation of Karnataka State in the school quadrangle.

The chief guest for the event was Mr. Adiveppa Haalagi, the Vice- Principal of Loyola Pre-University College, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru.The programme commenced with a prayer dance followed by lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries Rev. Fr Leo Pereira, Rector of SJII, Rev. Fr Rohan D’Almeida, the Principal, Rev. Fr Balaraju, the Vice Principal, Ms Sherly Wilfred, the Academic Advisor.

The chief guest encouraged students with his meaningful speech and a melodious song in Kannada.The celebration witnessed the cultural spirit of the Josephites who presented a tapestry of colourful, cultural programmes commemorating the glory of Karnataka state, its culture, writers and famous personalities. Several models of the monuments of Karnataka was exhibited for Principal Fr. Rohan D’Almeida and other dignitaries inaugurated ‘Ujjwala’,a contribution box for supporting the less fortunate of our school and the others in need.

The celebration concluded with the singing of our state anthem -Jai BharathaJananiyaTanujathe Jaya He Karnataka Mathe.

Jazz Music Concert

St Joseph’s School auditorium on Vittal Mallya Road became a melting pot of two different cultures — Indian and Swedish — as Olimpias Orkan, a jazz music band from Sweden, performed live at the school. Students grooved to the soothing yet compelling saxophone music and vibrant drum beats, and joined the band in singing.

Titled Sweden Meets India, the programme was organized to create awareness on women empowerment and climate change by SCEAD Foundation, an organization that works for the development of children. On its first TOUR IN India, the seven-member band was overwhelmed by the response from the students. “We are a Sweden-based band and only sing in our language. As the name suggests, the programme was an exploration of both cultures through music, which is beyond any language or boundaries,” said Olimpia Dynarek, composer and pianist of Olimpias Orkan.

The band played seven tracks, which also included songs like Till Systrar and Vi & Dom from their album, Sefir. With vivid melodies,energetic improvisation and a strong interaction on stage, the septet caught the ears and hearts of the listeners. “As artistes, we create music to express our voices and emotions on pressing issues in the society, be it gender inequality, identity crisis or environmental degradation. And playing for children is always fun and at the same time, crucial, as they are the future of our world and generation who are capable of bringing about change in our society,” added Dynarek, who also mentioned that various sectors including arts, culture and education are used to create awareness on several issues in Sweden.

Quoting the example of the young environmental activist Greta Thunberg, she said, “In Sweden, since childhood, we are sensitised about things like environment conservation and utilize the freedom of speech & expression to fight against it, like Greta Thunberg. In our own songs, we have covered topics like women empowerment and spread word on equality and individuality.”

FUN & FROLIC DAY – ‘Best out of Waste’

The pre-primary team of St Joseph’s School CBSE organized the Fun & Frolic day on 6 December 2019 for the tiny tots.

The theme was best out of Waste. The students and pre-primary teachers came dressed in pink colored outfit.

A display of various crafts creatively made out of waste materials was formally inaugurated by the vice principal to give a head-start for the day. An outstanding ramp-walk by the little fashionistas of kindergarten, who wore attractive outfits and accessories made out of old newspapers stole the show.

All the students & staff were sensitized on the harmful affects of plastic and took an oath to save mother earth and use only paper or cloth bag.

The following activity corners were organized:

  1. Gunny bag dabbing
  2. The origami corner
  3. Sorting &Stacking corner
  4. Butterflies made with pencil shavings.
  5. Doodling with sidewalk chalks
  6. Bubbles

An artistically designed &colorful photo corner using the lids of the bottle was made one of the chief attractions.

Children enjoyed the day which was filled with many activities and carried a handmade paper bag as a takeaway for the day.

Children’s Day

Children’s day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness through a special assembly conducted by the teachers for our loving students. Head Boy of the School Master Jnanesh Bopanna was the Chief Guest. The Principal, Fr. Rohan D’ Almedia shared his vision on Children’s day by saying that they are ‘Innocent, Open to learn and happy.”

An energetic dance performance and a mad ad presented by the teachers enthralled the children.


St Joseph’s School CBSE held SCIPLORE – Annual Science Exhibition on November 11, 2019 to encourage the students to develop a scientific fervor and an attitude of research mindedness to enhance their analytical and critical thinking.

The chief guest Dr. Sandra Misquith, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, St. Josephs’s College(Autonomous), Bengaluru and the guest of honor Fr. Dr. Melwin D’Cunha SJ, Department of Botany, St. Josephs’s College (Autonomous), Bengaluru in the presence of the dignitaries such as the Rector of St Joseph’s Indian Institutions, Rev. Fr Leo Pereira SJ, the Principal, Rev. Fr Rohan D’Almeida SJ, the Vice Principal, Rev. Fr Balaraju SJ & Academic Advisor, Ms Sherly Wilfred inaugurated the exhibition. The chief guest shared valuable insights on the importance of fostering an interest towards Science & Technology. The Rector & the Principal addressed the gathering and encouraged the students to be more creative & innovative so that they are well equipped to come up with thoughtful scientific solutions to the damage caused to our environment.

The dignitaries, the parents and students from other institutions witnessed pictures of the Jesuit priests which were displayed in the corridors which had information about their significant contribution to the field of science & technology.

The young budding scientists from Class 1 to 10 displayed fantastic models / projects, experiments on myriad topics related to Chandrayaan, Smart city, Desert habitat, Generation of electricity through speed breakers, Biogas, Protein drug target, Rain water harvesting, etc. the experiments which caught the attention of the visitors were Organic farming, Bio-diesel, organic pesticides, Li-Fi (light fidelity), irrigation using sensors to conserve water, etc.

The vibrant SCIPLORE concluded with the best models being adjudged as the prize winning models.


26 October is a significant date for all at St Joseph’s School CBSE as it is the birthday of beloved Principal, Rev. Fr Rohan D’ Almeida.

The students celebrated Principal’s Day through a special assembly in honor of the Principal.

The Management &Staff expressed their appreciation and love towards Rev. Fr Rohan D’ Almeida by organising a meaningful celebration. The special occasion was graced by the Rector of St Joseph’s Indian Institutions, Rev. Fr Leo Pereira, Vice Principal, Rev. Fr Balaraju and Academic Advisor, Ms Sherly Wilfred along with all the members of the staff.

The celebration began with a prayer, thanking God for all his blessing & for the gift of Fr. Rohan D’Almeida. The Rector gave a beautiful message on this occasion. The members of the staff wished Fr Principal well through toast, birthday message, songs and dance performance. Rev. Fr Rohan shared his thoughts and the celebration concluded with a scrumptious meal.

FUN & FROLIC DAY- ‘Puppet Show’

St Joseph’s School CBSE organized the first Puppet Show for the Academic year 2019on 25 October, for the tiny-tots of pre-primary.

The puppet show was conducted in the Audio-Visual room by a professional puppeteer, Ms Lata Satgopanwho was assisted by Ms Suchitra. The students and pre-primary teachers came dressed in red coloured outfit.

The puppet show was conducted in 4 sessions which showcased the following stories in each of the shows

  • Monkey and the Crocodile
  • Lion and the Mouse
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Three Little Pigs

Children were super excited with their first experience watching a live puppet show and were delighted to take away a giraffe finger puppet.

Puppet show was truly a magical moment for the little ones which left them mesmerized.


The Counsellor’s Conclave 2019 was organised at St Joseph’s School Auditorium on October 18, 2019 by Bangalore Sahodaya Schools Complex. The theme of this conclave was “Understand Adolescents – Help Make a Better Tomorrow”. The conclave was attended by 250 participants from Sahodaya and other schools. The participants included Principals, Counselor’s, Teachers and Students from psychology background.

The following topics were covered in the conclave;

  • Depression among Adolescents
  • Signs Indicative of Mental Wellness
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Body Image & Personality Development

Mr Sudharshan, Assistant Professor at Sampurna Montfort College, lead the first session of the day. He navigated through reasons for depression and corrective measures to overcome depressive tendencies among adolescent boys and girls. Ms Ashwini, Founder-Director of Muktha Foundation discussed about the Signs Indicative of Mental Wellness, who gave a detailed description about Martin Seligman’s PERMA Model and emphasized on the role of positive emotions and healthy negative emotions. She also shared certain interesting techniques to deal with stress and to tap the resources contributing towards wellness.

The post noon session began with Dr. Ali Khwaja, Founder-Chairman of Banjara Academy discussing about Body Image and Personality Development issues among adolescents. He briefed the audience about identity formation phase of adolescents and the role played by parents in facilitating a healthy identity formation. The Counsellor’s Conclave concluded with the session by Mr Alwyn Sebastian, partner of TSA legal firm, who threw light on Cyber Bullying and Cyber Crime. He shared certain inputs creating awareness about email spoofing, credit card frauds, hacking and so on.

In addition to the thought-provoking& informative sessions the participants also had an opportunity to witness live performance by Indian Ventriloquist Mr Santhosh Kumar, who articulated the theme of the conclave through the puppet. Through his interactive humor he brought much cheer and laughter to the audience while delivering a powerful message on handling depression.

All the sessions of Counselor’s Conclave 2019 were informative & interactive. Certification of participation was distributed to all the participants towards the end of the event.

Gandhi Jayanthi

Gandhi Jayanthi was observed to pay tribute and commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of the Father of our Nation – Mahatma Gandhiji. The observance held was intended towards paying a heartfelt tribute to the man who gave India the real taste of freedom through his non-violence approach.

The special celebrations commenced by shedding light on Gandhiji’s life. A floral tribute was paid to acknowledge Gandhiji’s sacrifice and the role his ideologies played in laying a strong foundation for gaining independence from the British.

The Principal, Rev. Fr Rohan D’Almeida addressed the gathering and explained the importance of imbibing Gandhian values in life. Principal also emphasized on benefits of following virtues like honesty, simplicity, non-violence, etc. which helps to lead a life of peace and reconciliation. An Inter-religious prayer service was also held to promote oneness and secular spirit amongst all.

STAFF TRAINING – Inclusive Education ‘Making a Diverse Classroom Learn’

Inclusive education is about looking at the ways schools, classrooms, programs and lessons are designed so that all students can participate and learn.

A workshop on Inclusive Education was organized for the teachers in two sessions on 1 & 3 October 2019. The facilitator was Ms Archana Sharma from Drishti Counseling Centre.

The facilitator enlightened the teachers that inclusive education is a way of thinking about how to be creative to make the classroom a happy place where all children can take part in the learning process. Teachers were given tips on how to teach in different ways or creatively design the lessons so that all the students in a classroom can be involved.

The workshop was interactive & engaging.

SYNERGY-Team that bonds together, works together.

The success of any organization lies in the collective best efforts of a team. Synergy- a day dedicated for the staff to bond with one another through various team games and activities was held on 26 September at school. Synergy aims to create a strong culture of teamwork & to establish a foundation of trust and collaboration.

The staffs were equally divided into four teams, Citrine, Emerald, Ruby & Sapphire; who enthusiastically took part in events such as Throw ball, Lemon & Spoon, Treasure-hunt, Tug of War and Hand Cricket to earn the maximum points for their respective teams.

Team Citrine garnered the maximum points and bagged the ‘Synergy Championship Shield’ for the academic year 2019-20. The high octane day concluded with the medals being distributed to all the contestants.

Synergy was well appreciated event and a much deserved break from the routine for the staff.

Tea with the Management

Productivity of any team would improve if the Management ensures that they know members of the team individually, not only on a professional level but on a personal level too.

The Jesuits leave no stones unturned when it comes to ensuring that their collaborators/staff are happy & comfortable at their work place. ‘Tea with the Management’ is one of the many initiatives taken by them to know their staff better. The members of the community interact with the staff over high tea once a term/ twice a year.

‘Tea with the Management’ is an excellent occasion to understand &get to know a bit more about how the collaborators are doing and what they are interested in as it will build a much better rapport among the Staff & the Management.

The event was held on 24 September which was attended by the priests & brothers of Inigo Sadan Community lead by Rev. Fr Leo Pereira, the Rector of SJII. The evening was well spent enabling the staff to know their Management better and vice-versa.

FUN & FROLIC DAY- ‘Market’

The Pre-primary team organized the fourth ‘Fun & Frolic Day’ for the Academic year 2019-20 on 20 September, based on the theme ‘MARKET’.

The activity was conducted in the school quadrangle. The venue was decorated with colorful charts related to the concept, a supermarket was recreated which enabled the students to transact & buying goods, using the currencies given to them by their teachers. The color code for the day was purple.

It was an experiential learning experience for students through various tangible activities such as

  • Supermarket
  • Vegetable printing &Cotton pasting
  • Feed the Fish
  • Feel & Tell Bag-Recognition of vegetables
  • Puzzles
  • Photo corner

The students enjoyed the peppy music as they learnt the concept of buying & selling. The students were excited to return home wearing a pineapple mask which was the take away.

Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas is observed on 14 September to commemorate the adoption of Hindi (written in Devnagri script) as the official language of the Republic of India by the Constituent Assembly in the year 1949.

Hindi Diwas celebrated at school with great enthusiasm through a special assembly conducted at school assembly. The programme commenced with lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest, Dr B G Hiremath, Retd. Professor of Hindi, Maharani College, Bengaluru, the Principal, Rev Fr Rohan D’Almeida SJ, the Vice-Principal, Rev Fr Balaraju SJ and Academic Advisor, Ms Sherly Wilfred; which was followed by a prayer song by the students. A skit on “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” to emphasize & promote cleanliness was well appreciated. Students also delivered speech on the importance & beauty of Hindi language.

Chief Guest &the Principal addressed the gathering and enlightened them with the significance of the official language.

Staff &Students from Loyola School CBSE who were on their collaborative educational visit to our school also witnessed the special assembly.

The celebration concluded with the dignitaries distributed the prizes to the winners of the various competitions which were held for the students from class 1 to 10, to encourage them to kindle their penchant for Hindi.

TWINNING PROGRAM (Visit by Loyola CBSE School, Sindagi)

Twinning Program aims at creating collaboration between St. Joseph’s Indian Institutions, Bengaluru and Loyola Institutions, Vijayapura in the field of academics, sports, cultural exchange as well as psycho-spiritual development of students.

As part of the twinning program,students & staff from Loyola CBSE School, Sindagi, visited the St Joseph’s Indian Institutions from 10 to 12September 2019.The guest team comprising of 28 students from Class 9 along with 5 staff members and Sr Milagrin, the Principal of Loyola CBSE School, visited SJII to collaborate, experience and understand the teaching- learning process from students’ &educators’ perspective.

Loyola CBSE School team participated in various academic and non-academic activities and visited a few places of interest in Bengaluru.

The students & staff of St Joseph’s School CBSE held seminaron CBSE curriculum and teaching & learning methodology for the Loyola CBSE School team. Students from Sindagi were encouraged to interact with their peers from class-9 at SJS CBSE and classes were also held for the students from both schools together to encourage collaborative learning. Loyola CBSE School team were taken to Planetarium, HAL Aerospace Museum, Vidhana Soudha State Assembly & Council Halls, etc. and also taken on a ride on Namma Metro train.

On the whole the twinning programme was a cultural and academic enriching experience for both the Loyola CBSE School & SJS CBSE.


Teachers’ Day was observed with great gusto and gaiety on 5 September.

The entire celebration was conceived, planned and executed by the students under the guidance of the student council in association with the PTA.

The staffs were welcomed for the programme with a flower and a thoughtful handmade card made by the students. The event commenced with a floral tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan by all the members of the staff.

Students organized a scintillating cultural show to express their love, regards and respect towards their teachers. The cultural show included songs, dance and skit. The highlight of the show was the student’s role playing the teachers which was appreciated and enjoyed by all the teachers. The student’s feelings towards their teacher were expressed straight from the heart through their performance.

The program concluded with the Principal’s address. Principal on behalf of the staff appreciated the efforts of the students in making the Teachers’ day 2019 a wonderful & memorable celebration.


The Annual Athletic Meet 2019 was held on 31 August, with great zeal and enthusiasm. The event commenced with the unfurling of the School Flag by the Chief Guest, Mr. Ashish Ballal, Arjuna Awardee & Former Indian Hockey Captain. The event was presided over by the Provincial of Karnataka Jesuit Province, Rev. Fr. Jerome Stanislaus D’Souza SJ in the gracious presence of Rector Rev Fr. Leo Pereira SJ and the Institutional heads of various units of SJII, who took the salute of the impressive march-past and declared the athletic meet open by releasing the balloons and lighting the torch.

The magnificent and colorful drills portrayed the hard work, skill & brilliance of the Josephites from Kindergarten to Class 10. Tons of encouragement & cheers filled the air as the students from Citrine, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire houses participated in various inter-house athletic events and exhibited the sportsman spirit. Students from various Jesuit Institutions from all over Karnataka participated in inter-school events that were organised to promote collaboration & competitive spirit.

The much appreciated Annual Athletic Meet concluded with the distribution of trophy for the spectacular display presented by the students of Class 2 & 3 based on the theme ‘Save Trees’ and the Overall Sports Championship Trophy being awarded to Emerald House for garnering maximum points in various sporting events.


The National Sports Day in India (also called Rashtriya Khel Divas) is celebrated on 29 August every year with a lot of enthusiasm and sportsmanship. India commemorates the birth of its greatest hockey player ever, Major Dhyanchand Singh, as National Sports Day.

The day not only works as a motivation for people but also spreads awareness about what role sports play in an individual’s life.

This year 2019, the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi launched “Fit India Movement” from Indira Gandhi Indoor stadium, New Delhi at 10.00 am on 29 August. From the dais he encouraged the citizens to adopt to fit and healthy lifestyle, the inaugural program was also broadcasted live on Doordarshan.The Prime Minister said, “Only a fit person, fit family and a fit society will pave way for a great and new India.”

Students of our school witnessed this phenomenal event live in the school boardroom. The event aimed to instill a healthy lifestyle in every citizen as it is the era of technology over physical activities.


“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”

Holistic education blended with Value Education & concern for the needy is the crux of Jesuit Education. We at Joseph’s imbibe in the values of compassion, care and concern for the aged from a very young age.

SJS CBSE ensures that the students are provided with opportunities to give back to the society in their little ways through various outreach programmes.

The students of Class 8 were taken to an old age home – Little Sisters of the Poor, on 24 August to spend some quality time with the inmates as part of the outreach programme.

The students were touched as they could sense the mixed feelings & uncertainty on the faces of a few aging inmates. Having had an opportunity to spend time and interact with the inmates made the students realize that the best gift that one could give anyone is the gift of spending time with the people who have no one. The outreach programme made the students understand that all are not blessed to have a caring family and one should cherish all that God has blessed us with rather than nagging or complaining.

Josephites learnt that the happiest thing is not always getting more for themselves but giving more of oneself to others through this visit.

FUN & FROLIC DAY- ‘Amazing India’

In keeping with the patriotic fervor, the pre-primary team organized the Fun and Frolic day on August 23, 2019 on the theme ‘Amazing India’. Students were encouraged to come dressed as Freedom Fighters or in any of the tri-colors.

The quadrangle was aptly decorated with colorful boards depicting various Festivals and Dances of India.

The day commenced with a formal inauguration by the Principal who scooped a goal with a hockey stick and addressed the little ones. It was followed by a few tiny-tots from various classes enlightening their peers about various National symbols.

All the activities revolved around the theme ‘India’, a few activities which were organized is as follows:

  • Identification of National symbols
  • Color the picture of various National leaders and paste the same in a cutout of our map
  • Tricolored Wristband
  • Collage of the National Flag using crepe paper

Peppy patriotic music & songs enthused the little Josephites further as they joyfully learnt more about India. They were delighted to take a handmade booklet of the national symbols which was coloured by themselves.

Phonics Workshop

Every child deserves rich literacy teaching. We want all the children to achieve success in their reading and writing so that they can become able and confident literate learners, well equipped for active participation in society in future .Phonics is the basic reading instruction that teaches children the relationships between letters and sounds. Phonics teaches children to use these relationships to speak and write words. Phonic awareness begins in Kindergarten and concludes with more complex activities by the middle of the first grade.

A training session on Phonics was organized on 17 August 2019 for the teachers of Kindergarten to Class 4. Ms Lalitha Appachu, Director of Centre for Training Excellence (CFTE), was the Resource person. The workshop was aimed at equipping teachers with all that is needed to support the development of children’s early Phonological awareness for later success in Literacy. Teachers were given tips on to how to introduce PHONICS into the early childhood learning environment using a variety of phonological activities, teaching aids to cover all the areas for literacy development.


The 73rd Independence Day celebrations were held with gaiety and patriotic fervor at the institutional level. The staff and students from the various St Joseph’s Indian Institutions within the campus gathered on the Football Grounds at 8.30 am. The celebration commenced with the hoisting of the tricolor with immense respect & reverence by the Chief Guest Col Devashish Singh, in the gracious presence of Rector Rev. Fr Leo Pereira SJ, and the Institutional Heads of various units of SJII. It was followed by a well-coordinated march past by the troops from all the institutions.

Col. Devashish Singh addressed the gathering and inspired the students with his patriotic words; Rector Rev. Fr Leo Pereira SJ threw light on the importance of being secular and united for the development of our motherland. A cultural programme by the students from various units SJII, expressing the joy of freedom & awakening patriotism enthralled the gathering.

The celebration concluded with distribution of sweets to one and all present.


Health checkup was organized from 1st August to 7th August 2019 by school for all students of KG to class 10 with the objective of maintaining good health in all students.

Dr. Nirmala, Dr. Meghana, Dr. Ashish, Dr. Varsha from the Paediatric Department of St. Philomena’s Hospital and Health Co-ordinator Ms. Austrilla Anupama Lobo coordinated with each other for the professional and comprehensive health screening which would help parents address any health issues ensuring preventive health care amongst the students.


“Whatever you are doing, that which makes you feel the most alive…that is where God is.”

-Ignatius of Loyola

The Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola is an important occasion, to reminisce about the life of the founder of The Society of Jesus. St Joseph’s School celebrated the feast in a glorious manner.

Ignatian Week was celebrated to encourage students from Pre-primary to Class 10 to participate in various activities which revolved around the theme ‘St Ignatius’. Activities such as essay writing based on Ignition values, playing musical instruments, Fancy dress, coloring and sketching, Mad Ads, etc., were held. The Vice Principal, Rev Fr Balaraju SJ, conducted an interactive quiz based on the Life of St Ignatius, for the Staff.

A special assembly was conducted on July 22, 2019 by the students of Class 7‘C’ based on the Values of Ignatius of Loyola.

A celebration on July 30, 2019 included prayer, prayer song, a skit on life history St. Ignatius was presented by the students of Class 6‘A’.The Chief Guest of the celebration was Rev. Fr Jeevan Prabhu and the Rector, Rev Father Leo Pereira presided over. Chief Guest highlighted a few of the Ignatian values; Rev Father Leo Pereira, urged the students to follow values of Ignatius, in his address.Prizes were distributed to the winners of the Ignatian Week competition winners by the heads of the institution.

The Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola was celebrated magnificently at the institutional level on 28 July 2019. All the Catholic Staff, students and their parents were invited for a festal Eucharist that was celebrated by the Archbishop of Bengaluru, Most Rev. Dr Peter Machado. A programme showcasing the life of St Ignatius and Ignatian Values was also held for all the members of the staff & their families.


A workshop on ‘The Stepping Stones to Success’ was conducted on 27 July 2019 for the parents of the students from Pre Primary to Class 10 in the school auditorium.

Dr Debmita Dutta, MBBS, MD, Parenting & Wellness Consultant, was the resource person for the day. Dr Debmita stressed on, the important role parents play in the physical, mental and psychological development of the child. She mentioned that parents need to be more mindful while providing the basic necessities like food, water, sleep, safety, love and self-esteem which contribute to success. She also mentioned that parents should not fill children with fear about hard work, discipline, persistence and practice but instead show them how they work hard and how they try to improve. She insisted that the main thing that parents need to actively do is to not bribe, threaten or compare their children to get a desired outcome from them. Children should be taught politeness, kindness and sharing from a very early age. She urged parents to focus on education and not literacy.

Parents were also made aware of the repercussions of blaming the teachers for students’ short comings.

Parents had a sense of enlightenment at the end of the session.

The workshop concluded with a question and answer session with the facilitator.

FUN & FROLIC DAY- ‘Healthy Food’

Fun &Frolic Day based on the theme ‘Healthy Food’ was organized July 26, 2019 for the tiny-tots of pre-primary at the school quadrangle.

Green was the color of the day; students and the staff came dressed green outfits. The venue was filled with charts having pictures of healthy food and many activity corners.

Students enjoyed the peppy music and different activities such as Identification with a variety of Healthy food, dabbing on watermelon cut-outs, wristbands made of pasta and lady’s finger print on pineapple cut-outs.

The day of fun-filled activity based learning concluded with the tiny-tots take home a craft- Lunch box which had pictures of fruits and vegetables coloured and stuck by themselves.


Highly respected and well loved by his students as well as teachers, Former Principal Rev Fr Sunil’s farewell was truly an emotional affair.

There was an outpour of praise and gratitude for Fr Sunil Fernandes but even so, words could not encapsulate the successes and positive change he brought about in the last three years of his service at St Joseph’s School CBSE. Fr Sunil a pioneer of many things, who launched programmes and events which everyone would be skeptical about and thought impossible. There was a touch of humaneness combined with firmness; therefore he earned the trust and respect of all who came in contact with him. He was dedicated to his task, sincere to the core, simple in life and able to remain calm under pressure. The respect he showed to each of the staff member ensured that he cared for all, his willingness to listen & eagerness to know things from staff perspective will be remembered.

The farewell programme was held on July20, 2019 in the school boardroom. The guests present for the programme were Rev Fr Leo Pereira, the Rector of SJII, Rev Fr Rohan D’Almeida, the Principal, Rev Fr Balaraju, the Vice Principal, Rev Fr Jeevan Prabhu, the Finance Officer of SJII and of course our beloved former Principal Rev Fr Sunil Fernandes.

The dignitaries were welcomed traditionally with Arathi and sandal-wood tilak. After the prayer, birthday of our Rector Rev Fr Leo Pereira was celebrated and the new Principal Rev Fr Rohan D’Almeida was welcomed traditionally.

Farewell commenced with a felicitation to appreciate and express gratitude to Fr Sunil for his tireless efforts in raising our school to greater heights which was followed by wonderful speeches made in praise of Fr Sunil by Ms Shivani and Ms Poornima Krupa. Melodious musical rendition of farewell songs in three different languages added charm to the programme. The audience was enthralled as Ms Vini Jacintha & group danced gracefully to the popular tunes in different languages. Fr Rector praised Fr Sunil for his dedication and hardworking his address. The most memorable of all, was the video presentation by Mr Praveen Reddy, which had captured the emotion & sentiments of the staff as a token of gratitude & appreciation for the Fr Sunil. A highly emotional Vote of thanks by Ms Arokia Deepa, had an impact in the hearts and minds of everyone gathered as farewell was bid to the most admired Former Principal.


The inauguration of various scholastic and co-scholastic clubs was on 8 July, 2019. The program began by invoking God’s blessing and lighting of the lamp by the school Principal and Academic advisor.

The respective teachers briefly explained about the activities involved in the clubs they are in charge of. The clubs activities play an integral role to the ignite the young minds to accomplish various scholastic and co -scholastic areas of interest.

SEMINAR – Peer Pressure & Stress Management and Abstinence from Addictions

A seminar on ‘Peer Pressure & Stress Management and Abstinence from Addictions’ was conducted for the students of class 9 & 10 on 4 July in the school boardroom. The facilitator was Ms Jaicy George from Qatapultt Learning Solutions.

It was an interactive seminar and the students were enlightened with various coping mechanisms as well as options for addressing any stressful situations through multiple activities. The students were also made aware of various lifestyle changes they can inculcate to reduce stress and refrain from addictions.

The enriching seminar concluded with useful tips to tackle peer pressure.


Curriculum Day was conducted on 22 June for the academic year 2019-20.On Curriculum Day, parents of the students from Kindergarten to Class 10 were made aware of the programme of work & activities for the entire academic year.

Class teachers briefly explained to the parents about the curriculum, activities, discipline, rules & regulations through an interactive session. Curriculum Day facilitates awareness among the parents about the comprehensive teaching-learning process, evaluation and follow-up that includes curriculum pacing guide aligned to the CBSE syllabus.

Academic advisor, Ms Sherly Wilfred along with Ms Brinda M, the school CBSE coordinator and Ms Mary Sheeba, class teacher of Class 10, conducted a special session on Remodeled Assessment Structure in CBSE, for the parents of class 9 & 10 students in the school boardroom.Queries from parents were answered and inputs were shared in an open forum.

Curriculum Day,a platform for parent-teacher interaction at the beginning of the academic year, helps to set a momentum for putting into action the plans for the new academic year.


The school celebrated the Annual Prize Day on Saturday, 29 June with great zest, vibrancy & elation to acknowledge & recognize the outstanding academic achievements of the students.

Retd.Air Marshal P Kanakaraj was the Chief Guest and Rev. Fr Leo Pereira SJ, the Rector of St Joseph’s Indian Institutions presided over the function. The day commenced with a prayer dance followed by the ceremonious lighting of lamp by the dignitaries, video presentation and Mime.

The Chief Guest addressed the gatherning and motivated the students to keep up the good work and also shared a four step formula/mantra for success. The Rector & the Principal congratulated the winners and encouraged them to excel in life on this special & solemn occasion.

Academic achievers of the year 2018-19 were felicitated with medals and certificates by the dignitaries. The Annual Prize day was a huge success and concluded with the vote of thanks followed by National Anthem.


“You cannot always control what goes on outside but you can always control what goes on inside.”

The fifth International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21 June. The students of Class 9 ‘A’ conducted a special assembly emphasizing the importance of Yoga in our fast paced lives. Students were made aware that Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. A few yogasanas were demonstrated by teachers & students to create awareness about the benefits of practicing Yoga to facilitate a healthy mind & body. It was followed by a mass display of a series of asanas by the students of Class 6 to 8 which help in improving one’s agility, flexibility and strengthen one’s spiritual, mental and physical wellness.

FUN & FROLIC DAY- ‘Cartoons’

The Pre -Primary team of St Joseph’s School CBSE organised the Fun &Frolic Day based on the theme ‘Cartoons’ for the tiny-tots of Kinder Garden on 28 June 2019.

The activity was conducted in the school quadrangle which was decorated with colourful charts of various cartoon characters. The little Josephites &pre-primary teachers came dressed in yellow coloured outfits. 

The following activities were conducted in well demarcated areas;

  • Target the cartoon
  • Batman bracelet
  • Colour the cartoon
  • Face painting
  • Photo corner
  • Doodling with Sidewalk chalks
  • Bubble activity

Little ones enjoyed all the activities which were conducted and were thrilled to take home a Minion craft which was made of chart paper, paint and googly eyes. It was a joyful day for the tiny-tots as they experienced the first Fun &Frolic Day of the Academic year.


“Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the pride, which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.”

The Investiture Ceremony for the Academic year 2019-20 was held on 19 June 2019. The duties were invested on the young leaders instilling the leadership persona in the students. The Principal pinned the badges of dignity along with the sashes and administered the pledge, bestowing the true spirit of leadership on them so as to instill in the newly elected School Council Members, a sense of duty & pride. All the captains took an oath to perform their duties diligently and earnestly, striving to uplift the tradition of the school.


An Inter Religious Prayer Service was organized on 18 June 2019. The prayer service began with the lighting of the lamp indicating to rise upwards and dispel darkness present in the world today. Songs and scripture readings from various religions were sung &read by the students.

The Principal and the Vice Principal addressed the gathering and highlighted the importance of the greatest religion – HUMANITY, which is above all religions and traditions. It was indeed an enriching and meaningful experience for the students as they were enlightened with the values of religious tolerance and communal harmony through the prayer service.


Parent Orientation Programme for the parents of the newly admitted students was held on 7 June 2019 in the school auditorium. The school staff and the rules & regulations of the Institution was briefed to the gathering by the Principal, through a PowerPoint presentation.


Educative session on adolescent changes and puberty was conducted for girls from class 5 to 10 on 04/06/2019.

The session touched upon the following topics: menarche, premenstrual changes, puberty, and menstrual hygiene by Dr. Glen Vaz.

The session also covered: proper disposal of sanitary napkins and facilities available in St. Joseph’s school CBSE by Ms. Austrilla Anupama lobo and Ms. Sheela balan.


World Environment Day was celebrated on 4 June 2019. The theme for this year is Environmental Pollution; Class 10 students presented a wonderful skit to spread awareness about Environmental Pollution. Charts and placards were displayed to sensitize their fellow students about the impact of pollution on our environment. Environmental pollution is an incurable disease which can only be prevented – stopping pollution is the best solution.

We as responsible human beings must realize the urgency and take adequate measures towards slowing down environmental pollution and make our Earth a greener and healthier planet.


An Orientation Programme was organized on 30 May 2019 for the staff. An interesting & informative session on ‘Inclusive Education and Learning Difficulties’ was conducted by the Special Educator, Ms Maria Reena and the Counsellor, Ms Sheela Balan.

The Academic Advisor, Ms Sherly Wifred J, explained to the staff about how an ideal classroom should be and also briefed them about the rules & regulations of the school. The session concluded with the newly appointed staff being formally welcomed and introducing themselves to their colleagues.


JESCOL (Jesuit Collaborator) seminar was organized for the Staff of St Joseph’s Indian Institutions from 27-29 May 2019, in the Auditorium by Fr SwebertD’Silva SJ and Fr Henry Saldanha SJ. The chief objective of the seminar was to ensure that all the members of the staff are aligned with the Jesuit Legacy, Purpose, Vision & Mission of Jesuit Education.

The facilitators spoke about the role of Jesuit Institution and its collaborators towards the society in the formation of men and women to be agents of social changes adorned with Jesuit characters of Competence, Compassion, Conscience and Commitment to transform the future generation as enlightened global citizens.

JESCOL was very relevant and meaningful seminar for all the staff present. Through this seminar, the staff members were encouraged to live up to the legacy and ideals of St Ignatius of Loyola, thus enable them to contribute positively to society as a Jesuit Collaborator.


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