St Joseph's School CBSE, Bengaluru

At St Joseph's
they won't be
lost in the crowd

Principal's Message

Jesuit education is a well-rounded education, which encompasses Growth in faith and an understanding of God’s purpose in our life which goes hand-in-hand with personal development in other areas. As envisioned by our founder St Ignatius of Loyola, the core of all our education system is our value system; The Jesuit guiding values of compassion, commitment, conscience, competence, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and care for mother earth and the whole of the cosmos, are the foundation on which we proceed to build our school.

Our Achievements

Math is logical and it should be solved with logical steps. If children have a better understanding of the mental math concepts, they are more likely to approach math with a positive outlook.

A Renowned School

St Joseph’s School (CBSE) lays a solid foundation for the students from Kindergarten up to Class 10. St Joseph’s Indian Institutions managed by the Jesuit Fathers, has a legacy of 115 years of undoubted and unprecedented service to society by educating the younger generation. It is firmly built on the motto “Faith and Toil”, aimed at making the young men and women to grow and mould themselves to be selfless in building human communities. 

In 2014, St Joseph’s School (CBSE), a co-educational school was established and inducted into the already existing St Joseph’s family.

The guiding values of Compassion, Commitment, Conscience, Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration, Competence and Care for mother earth & the cosmos, are the core values that our school is based on.


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